Status describes the state of both objects and subjects from optimal state to destroyed.

Every PC has a maximum of 6 status points (SP). Status points represent both physical and mental health. Status is tracked on the PC’s CV.

if the status drops to 0 points the PC’s continued existence is threatened; they are dying.


When you go down (0SP), GM takes your SP dice and describes how distances fade along with the world around you. Roll (add no variable to this roll!)

  • 10+: You keep going. You are now on 1SP. Mark a condition.
  • 7-9: a sacrifice… has to be made. lose permanent MP.
  • -6: If you do not get help, you must soon say or shout your last words… the distance to everything disappears.

We encourage the GM to provide descriptions of the confusion and the feeling of things melding together while the character is dying.


Some wears, items or tools provides reduction like #reduction_3. This indicates that the object in question lowers damage done to Status.  However, reduction can never remove the first damage point the subject or object receives.

  • Fx: if a subject with #reduction_2 receives 2 damage she will still lose 1 point of status.

We typically see something like #reduction_x in space suits that protect against a hostile environment, but it is also found in implants or brain relaxing tools that protect a hacker from cerebral harm in interaction with a powerful AI or the like.

Most forms of reduction are further specialized, and require more in-depth description. Examples are many, but the general structure is the same:

GM: You swallow the anti-radioactive pills before heading into the old reactor. Please note down #reduction_radioactive_3 on your CV. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep you safe – from the radiation, anyway.

– These more specialized kinds of reduction apply separately, and depending on context, may or may not stack with each other and “normal” reduction. Note above how the GM says nothing about protection from the radioactive giant rats in the reactor!

On the sheet the #reduction represents physical armor. Other, more specific reduction, you will need to keep track of separately – We recommend listing them under the relevant items on the CV.


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